We are always excited to hear new success stories however big or small because we know how powerful an experience like this can be for someone suffering with pain or illness.

I have lived with lower back pain since 1998.  It's finally gone!  Words can not describe how grateful I feel for what you did for me!  God bless you in all you do.   Thank you so much,     Visa          May 2005

For three years I have lived with chronic pain.  I have been scoped, scanned, injected, monitored, drugged, ect...I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars on medicinal testing and got no relief or answers. I have achieved miraculous results from Dr. Souther.      - Alicia

I have suffered low back and sciatic nerve pain that went from my right hip, down my leg and into my foot.  The pain could be mild to severe but the burning in my hip was constant.  Over the years, and many specialists, all the help offered was pain medication, which I refused until I could no longer sleep through the night.  Before giving in, I decided to try Dr. Souther at Health Solutions.  He was very professional and thorough.  After hearing my problem, he ran X-rays and tests to determine if he could help; and if so what kind of treatment would be needed.   He explained my x-rays and test results and told me he could help me with treatment.  I started treatment right away and he later also included an exercise program.  I am now pain free and best of all I am sleeping through the night, and my energy level has increased.  Dr. Souther, I salute you.            Sincerely,   Carolyn C.

A special friend mentioned her chiropractor, Dr. Souther, to me and how much better she was after two or three visits at his office.  I had a problem with my left hand for quite a while and other aches and pains so I decided to try this Dr.   Sure enough after two or three visits I could tell a big difference.  The office crew made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  Keep up the good work, Dr. Souther and office crew.   - Grace  S.     July 27th, 2006

June 21st 2006 was my first visit to Dr. Souther's office.  The pain in my neck and shoulder was so bad I could hardly sleep at night.  Dr. Souther ran different tests on me the first visit and proceeded to work on my complaints using different techniques.  Because of his skill, I hardly ever notice the pain in my neck and shoulder that I had once experienced.      - R. Smith

I am a 60 year old construction worker and have had pain in my back, shoulders, and arm for years.  I came to Dr. Souther with skepticism since I received no relief from other medical treatments during the years. Much to my surprise and relief, I am now pain free and feel good!  I would like to express my appreciation and many thanks to Dr. Souther and his staff.
Thank you,      Leon  N.

I am a forty-nine year old woman who for twelve months has suffered from chronic pain and stiffness in my joints and muscles.  After my first visit with Dr. Souther, I experienced immediate relief from the pain in my shoulder and lower back.  Now, after just four visits, pain in my muscles and joints has gone from a frequent to a rare occurrence.  Also, the headaches I suffered from for more that twenty years and blamed on stress have disappeared.  Even my eyesight has improved.  Thanks to Dr. Souther, I can now enjoy hiking, running, and dancing that I enjoyed in my youth.     - Debbie M.

When I first visited Health Solutions a few months ago, my left arm was basically unusable.  I was in constant pain-simple things like closing a car door or getting dressed in the morning reduced me to tears.  After a few visits, the pain was greatly reduced…and when the cold laser treatments began I saw an immediate improvement.  After just one treatment, I could raise my arm over my head for the first time in over 3 months!  I am so grateful that I found Dr. Souther and his professional caring staff-without them, I might have had surgery that wasn't needed.   - Cheryl

Over the years I have been to numerous orthopedic surgeons and always received the answer, "I can't help you."  The pain became more intense and I was prescribed more pain medication.  After a couple of years, the pain became unbearable and I was put on twice as much pain medication plus arthritis medication.  Finally in April of 2007 I said "this is no longer acceptable."  Once again I was referred to yet another spinal clinic where they recommended surgery for my scoliosis.  They related to me that results may not be successful.  A friend of mine told me about Dr. Souther so I decided to go to get some relief until I could schedule the surgery.   Dr. Souther was cautiously optimistic that he could help after his exam and x-rays and after two months of treatment, the pain is now at an acceptable level and surgery is no longer necessary.      Thank You,  Jane K.

I am writing this letter to thank you and your office staff for the wonderful care you have given me on wo separate occasions.  The first time was last year when I came to you with extreme shoulder and arm pain.  An MRI showed that I had a rotator cuff injury.  Instead of surgery, I was able to get relief and repair through an aggressive treatment suggested by you that included laser therapy and ultrasound. The second reason I came to you was earlier this year when I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus in my left knee.  You suggested laser and ultrasound therapy and my knee pain was reduced by 50% within the first week, and after three weeks my pain was almost completely gone and range of motion greatly improved.  Additionally, you were proactive in attempting to find ways to reduce the 24/7 pain in my right leg affected by RSD for the last couple of years.  You spent time after our appointments researching my disease and gave me two suggestions for further treatment outside of your office. You also provided me with DMSO cream and MSM lotion for use on my leg at home for the pain.  I continue to have almost no knee pain and I am very happy at being able to reduce the pain medication that I take daily for RSD by more that half.  I am grateful to you and your office for everything you have done for me. Thank you for the extra time you have spent on my behalf.       Sincerely,   Carol  L.

I began having headaches in April 2009 that were not relieved by OTC pain meds.  I was referred to Dr. Souther by my sister in law and decided to try primarily so that I could get immediate treatment rather than going through  the traditional medicine approach.  I began having treatment 2-3 times weekly and was very soon pain free ahead of the anticipated schedule.  I was initially skeptical of cold laser, but soon became a believer.  Now I have been on maintenance care, and will continue to do so as a preventative measure so I don't have pain issues again.  Dr. Souther is a knowledgeable, genuine and caring man and I am thankful for the referral.                                                                                                                      -Peggy M.      

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