New Patients

Maybe you’ve heard about chiropractic care through a friend or did some research online. Maybe you’re just tired of living in pain and are searching for an effective and safe treatment alternative.  If going to the chiropractor is a new experience for you, don’t worry!  We’re here to make this a pleasant experience and to provide you with quality and compassionate care to help find a solution to your health concerns even if it means referring you to another health care practitioner. 

New Patients - What to expect on your first visit:

Appointments at our office typically begin with a bit of paperwork, as you no doubt would expect.  On your first visit, you will meet Dr. Souther or Dr. Morris who will take time with you to discuss the reason for your visit and your health goals.   The doctors will then perform a thorough physical examination and take any necessary x­-rays to learn more about the cause of your pain.   Immediately after your exam, the doctor will show and review your x-rays with you and discuss your exam findings.

The doctor will determine at your first visit which treatment approach is best for you, discuss your treatment options and which plan is best for your specific needs and goals.  We will explain the type of treatment we are recommending, any preparation necessary before beginning your treatment, and when you can expect to see results.  We will also discuss lifestyle changes that will be helpful for you to achieve effective and lasting results.   Through it all, you will have a much better understanding of your body and your health because we believe in equipping you with the knowledge to help you live a life lived WELL! 

First time appointments will usually take anywhere from 1-2 hours.  Please understand...Because your health is important and we take the opportunity of serving your health needs seriously, we will not rush and take short cuts!  Therefore, we kindly ask that you schedule your day accordingly and we look forward to seeing you soon!  

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